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December 2020 As The Page Turns

December is a busy month at OPL

McFadden Tree Forest - It is beginning to look like Christmas with the McFadden Tree Forest becoming a winter holiday in the walls of the Osborne Public Library. This year's theme is Christmas Candy Land. As in years past, you can decide the winner of the People’s Choice Tree by voting with an item for the Osborne Food Pantry. The tree with the most items under it is the winner. For each item you bring in for the food pantry, you will receive a ticket for a chance to win one of the fun baskets that are donated to the library during this holiday season. A special basket this year will be the COVID relief basket. For every tree, wreath and basket that is on display, a $10 Os Cash gift certificate will be placed in the basket. These certificates are being made possible by the Osborne Chamber of Commerce and the library. Let’s generate some money into our community.

Grinch Saturday - Since COVID has come to town, the library will not be having their annual Grinch Breakfast. The Grinch isn’t the one stealing our fun this year. Instead we will be having a Grinch Saturday. Anyone who comes to the library on December 19th and checks out an item, will receive a Grinch ornament kit. Just to keep the Grinch spirit alive and growing, starting December 1st there will be 50 medallions hidden around town, at the school, and in the library. If you find one, bring it to the library and you will be entered to win a Grinchcakes Breakfast Basket. Only one entry per person. Winners of these baskets will be announced on Grinch Saturday.

Christmas & New Year closings - The library will be closed for the Christmas holiday on December 24, 25 & 26. We will be closed for New Year’s on the 1st and 2nd of January.

Story Hour - Our virtual story hour is a big hit. We continue to get lots of views on the video that Miss Susan posts each week. Fun stories and activities to go along with the stories. When we can’t see those kiddos in person, we will try to do the next best thing.

Library Services - The library isn’t just about checking books in and out. Don’t forget about these services provided at the library: making copies, faxing, scanning, printing and laminating for a small fee. The library can also help you get set up to download digital items from three different sources. We still continue to get in best sellers and other favorite books for all patron ages.

Due to COVID-19 issues and some family health issues, the library has seen some erratic hours. Please bear with us as we try to keep all the library hours covered. We will remain open as long as our staff is safe and healthy but we may have to go to shortened hours. If you need something specific and we are not open, contact the city office and they will know how to get a hold of one of the staff.

Items returned to the library are first disinfected, then they go into quarantine for four (4) days to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Computers are available for use and we are ordering books from other libraries within the CKLS system. Free wi-fi is provided at the library through Nex-Tech. If you need to contact the library, you can call us at 785-346-5486, email us at or message us through Facebook Messenger.


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